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Rushing Wind is thrilled to announce the release of their eagerly anticipated debut album ...

'Can You See Past A Lifetime'

"The Rushing WindTM sound has always defied categorization, and this release is no exception. From the upbeat and rocky 'Presence Of the Lord' to the deep worshipful testimony of 'EL Elyon', this album is a labor of love, an artistic masterwork which is sure to stand the test of time."

The songs included in 'Can You See Past a Lifetime' laid the foundations for Rushing WindTMIt stands to reason that if you put three songwriters together you end up building quite a repertoire. One of our first challenges was to choose which of these songs would be featured on our debut album. In the end we decided to capture the essence of the "sound" and songwriting that defines Rushing Wind.  Simply put, to start at the beginning and work our way forward.

Much time and care has been taken to capture the essence & ageless quality of these seminal works. At the same time we've taken full advantage of our growth and maturity as artists, breathing a breath of new life to these time tested favorites.

I've heard it said many times throughout my life "The older you get the more quickly time goes by".  The older I grow the more this simple fact becomes inescapably true. Yes, life is truly but a vapor. Each day is a precious gift. Nothing is guaranteed. 

    This album has been a joy to produce. Even though there have been detours here and there, barriers to break through, challenges and obstacles to overcome, with the Lord's help we've achieved what we set out to do. All the glory belongs to the One who saved us, the Lord who shed his blood for us, who bore the full weight and consequence of our sin. The Lord is our inspiration; our purpose for setting out on this journey. And though it may sound clichéd, it's the journey that really matters. It's my hope that you are as blessed by this work as we have been in producing it, and that it can make a positive contribution to your everyday life in the spirit.

Thank you & God Bless. Christopher Duncan

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